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Why use a CDN?

What does CDN mean?

CDN is an acronym for Content Delivery Network. It is a network of data centers, and proxy servers spread in several and strategic points around the world.

The networks’ servers at every location are named as a point of presence (Pop). Each one of them has its cache memory data for users of the specific area. This is a service that you can have besides your primary web hosting. It is a bonus to cache multiple copies of data and arrange them in a way that users’ access is ensured. 

CDN was created in the late 90s.’ The purpose is to solve traffic jams on the Internet. It is also improving availability and the overall performance of the Internet.

In present days the need for delivery content has grown progressively, and the use of CDN too. Just think about all the possible content that is circulating over the Internet. For example like, documents, media files, text, software, social media, and many more.

How does it work?

The concept is simple. On the way are DNS resolvers that analyze the DNS request. Depending on the request’s source, they will provide the IP address of the closest cache server. They are called delivery nodes by some service providers. Those DNS servers are placed strategically in different locations. Based on your DNS provider, you can have multiple, and you can be able to put even more in your most significant area.

You can use a service called GeoDNS, depending on your provider, of using regular DNS. With it, you can set different IP addresses for the different regions. 

In such a way, you won’t send the whole traffic to the same origin. You can manage to have the needed number of web hosting located in the crucial areas for you.

Those servers you will use as cache servers, and you will set their IP addresses for the closest DNS server. Thus, the DNS request will perform very fast to the DNS resolver that can present an answer. Then it will redirect to the cache server, and it will save a lot of time.

For whom is CDN intended?

For everybody! Yes, everyone could use CDN. Like for example, a media company. If you have one, CDN could be the one thing to help you to distribute content to some more locations. It could be very beneficial for e-commerce sites, too. Primarily if they operate on various markets like many states – The US. Or maybe different countries like the European Union is your target market, it could be a perfect fit.

Blog sites, news sites, online services, and a lot more are not an exception. It all depends on your needs. 

The truth is that some of the CDN prices are very affordable. Even for a small company or a start-up, it won’t be a problem implementing CDN and paying a monthly subscription. And that is amazing!

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