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Premium DNS service explained.

If you are wondering what Premium DNS service has to offer and what is the purpose of DNS. Let’s make things a little bit more clear and dig a bit deeper into this topic!

DNS explained 

It is important to mention what DNS is for the purpose of explaining Premium DNS accurately. 

Domain Name System (DNS) is a global network of name servers. Its purpose is to indicate where domain names are. It links the domain names to their IP addresses. Also, the Domain Name System has features such as linking hostnames to other hostnames, further instructions about services, verifications, etc.

DNS is a communication network, which will guide all of your users to the correct addresses or other hostnames.

Premium DNS 

Premium DNS is a DNS hosting provider’s service. In Premium plans, you can benefit from more of everything. You can take advantage from more DNS servers and DNS zones. Also, you are capable of managing the traffic better. If you choose the Premium DNS plan, you will see improvement in the loading speed for sure. It will provide better up time, better security, and even better SEO. 

For companies that can’t afford to have downtime, Premium DNS is the service that should be implemented. Any website that is more than a small blog could benefit from Premium DNS

If the number of monthly visitors is increasing, you may need to consider using this service.  

Here are some questions that can help you clarify if you need Premium DNS:  

  • What is the number of people that need to connect to the site?
  • How often will these people connect?
  • Are all of these people only from your country? Or maybe there is an international interest in your site?
  • Do you require any extra security features? How critical is it for you to protect your customers at every move of their website journey?

Premium DNS advantages

Premium DNS gives you a solid foundation with the needed resources. Here is a general summary of the features Premium DNS providers can offer.

  • Many more DNS zones. 
  • Ensured uptime.
  • Higher speed.
  • Robust DNS servers’ networks. Benefit from more presence points (PoP) for your company.
  • Implementing load balancing methods, including GeoDNS 
  • Loading time is a lot faster.
  • Millions of queries, and often infinite amount.
  • Monitoring and checkings. DNSSEC support, cryptographic, and more high-level tech security to keep your site protected from attacks. Depending on the plan you picked, you can receive more or less features. 
  • Efficient traffic management.
  • DNS Failover.
  • Many email forwards.
  • Friendly interface.
  • 24/7 Professional support.


Take your time when you are checking providers. What they guarantee and offer, and the costs. Premium DNS benefits must provide reliability and powerful performance. It is essential for demanding websites, such as government, banking, e-commerce, etc.

If your site is becoming bigger or has customers from around the globe, or you want to guarantee excellent security. That is the moment to begin using a Premium DNS service. It will increase speed, performance, redundancy, and security.

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